Our house in the village of Korostyv, with cheerfulness welcomes you, travelers of mountain roads. Country house set amidst amazing landscapes: the mountain range, near the pine forest, river, where you can swim and fish for trout. With us you will understand what is unquantifiable silence and grandeur of the Carpathian mountains, and the sound of gurgling mountain streams, here you can breathe in the fresh mountain air, mixed with the amazing smells of herbs that grow in the valleys high in the mountains and evergreen firs.

Korostyv, became known as the vacation spot of townspeople of Western Ukraine. Pension "Zasvilia", named by the people "Raytmanivka" (after the owner's name - Polish poet Reitman), considered one of the best vacation spot in Eastern Europe back to the early XX century. And the village itself has been known since 1518. Ancient Boykovskiy Korostyv located in the valley of the rivers Butivlia and Oryava, in the east and west it is surrounded by the mountains: Kiyovets (1,061 m), Kremen (1137m), Magura (1147 m), Parashka (1271m), Perekip (1,217 m) and Chornogora (1,230 m).

Historical landmark of the village is the wooden church of St. Paraskevia, which is considered one of the oldest architectural structures; together with the belfry of five bells, this three-dome structure of sacred culture belongs to the most archaic monuments of wooden architecture in Eastern Europe.

Anyone interested in local historical past of our land, during staying, will be able to make a trip to the historic and cultural center of Galichina - the ancient city of Lviv, and continue their journey around the ancient castles of Lviv region (Olesko and Zolochevsky and castles in Svirz and Pidgirtsi).

If you are looking for extreme – you will have a great opportunity to conquer the surrounding mountain peaks in the summer and in the winter enjoy downhill skiing and sledding in the nearby towns of Slavsk, Oryavchyk and Tisovec.

In our house at Korostyv you are always welcome: here separate rooms are waiting for you, and experienced and skillful hostess will prepare your breakfast and will invite you to enjoy delicious boykovek cuisine.

During the stay here you will be able to learn about the traditions of the ancient highlanders, the people who call themselves boyki, get to know their customs, feel the solemnity of religious holidays, to touch the national poetic splendor of boykovek land.

Travelers of the Carpathians are welcome to stay in the house in the Korostyv village!